Your favorite Starbucks flavor is written in the stars.

In collaboration with Starbucks and Big Spaceship, My team and I designed and developed Starbucks Star Signs - An innovative digital experience that uses your zodiac sign to generate a unique spring horoscope and match you with the perfect Starbucks drink.

Role - Associate Creative Director / Motion Design Lead


Users select their astrological sign and time of day they prefer their caffeine fix to find the drink that best matches their taste.

After selecting your sign and time preference, our experience generates your spring power words, color, flower and drink best for you. You're then given a unique spring horoscope to share on social media and also a quick link to order your drink.


Star Sign recieved over 400K visitors, Generating over 60K horoscopes and recieved worldwide press while being featured on - Ads of the worldFood & Wine Magazine and USA Today