If you've enjoyed a night on the town around me, You know I love tequila. 

Once upon a time, in Mexico... I got an agave tattoo on my hand. Probably why Diageo hired us, NBD. But for real, Dreaming up a relaunch campaign for Peligroso tequila was a big deal to us at Super Top Secret. We made sure to not disappoint.

Role - Art Direction, Design & Motion Graphics


To bring Peligroso into the limelight, maintaining it's authentic south-of-the-border roots, while not alienating the crew already on board.



After some extensive market research and strategy alignment, We began crafting the overall tone of our campaign. Staying true to peligroso’s adventurous essence, the brand mantra echoes a vision of big waves, dusty roads and that more-than-four-letter F word we all dream of.


My team stepped in to create a visual language that completely embodies that ideal. Scribbled westcoast graffiti, weathered wheatpaste posters and anything touching Baja surf and moto culture influenced the look and feel of everything we created.

The wordmark was meticulously redrawn until it evoked just the right vibe. Map textures incorporated as a nod to mexican origins. Photo styles focused on an authentic film look, and we made sure nothing ever looked contrived. Everything aimed to establish Peligroso as a core lifestyle brand.



Once the language and visual system were dialed, our focus shifted towards creating some killer content. To expand on the culture of peligroso we cooked up a few videos revolving around events aligning with our mission. Namely, bike week in Sturgis, South Dakota and the historical Pipemasters contest of the North Shore.


Social media was obviously a huge touchpoint in creating hype as we spread the campaign across various channels. Tons of fun illustrations were created along with recipe’s, contests etc. to keep the vibe alive and avoid becoming monotonous among the sea of competitors.