I'm believe in creating things for brands I believe in.

It was exciting to do some work for Petzl. Their deep roots in outdoor adventure and exploration is definitely something I can get behind. From the jump, we knew Petzl's heritage would play big part in our campaign concept.

Role - Art Direction, Design & Motion Graphics


To develop a fresh new campaign for Petzl to hang their hat on, highlighting the heritage and innovation of their products.


In an effort to boil the brand ethos down to a single phrase, We came up with "Carry the Torch". We thought it was a great way to emphasize petzl leading the charge in headlamp technology, while also empowering customers to get out there and get after it. The tagline has many different interpretations that connect with the petzl mission.


Rounding out the concept, The design system expands on petzl's passion for exploration and all the technology behind it. Plus, night photography with headlamps looks really f*cking cool. Each composition highlights details like tech being used, time, temp, location etc, helping further to tell the stories of various featured Petzl ambassadors.


Part of our challenge was to elevate Petzl's digital presence. We fired back with a web experience that functions as a virtual showcase of their products. The idea was to be able to test different headlamps in various environments while simulating an array of activities, as a way to help consumers decide which headlamp is the most appropriate for them.


Pushing Petzl's digital presence even further, we created a whole bunch of "Carry the Torch" assets to be used across the interwebs. Including social media posts, digital banners etc.